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Combustion and Control System

Combustion System
Regenerative Burner
While one of the burners is burning, the other burner will work as an exhaust outlet. The exhaust gas is discharged from the system after the waste heat of the gas is recovered so that the temperature of the gas will be lowered to the extent that there will be no condensation in the regenerator.
The combustion air receives heat from the regenerator. Therefore, the combustion air will be preheated to a superhigh temperature (i.e., 90% of the temperature of the exhaust gas or over) before the combustion air is supplied the burner. When the preset cycle time elapses, the burners exchange their roles of combustion and exhaustion.
A new type of Regenerative Burner(RCB-STP DUAL FUEL TYPE)
Features of a new type of Regenerative Burner Structure cleaned by a maintenance hole at the back of the burner, with excellent maintenance
Mounting of new ball mixer significantly increases the cleaning and exchange cycle of the Regenerative material(Alumina ball)
Low NOX type environmentally superior
Capable of using as a gas and oil burner
Self-Recuperator Burner
High efficiency High temperature pre-heating air can be obtained simply by a heat exchanger of a unique shape with a head on the burner. Realize significant energy savings Stirring effects of fast classified flames enables uniform temperature distribution.
Low pollutant Super-low NOX Emission by Diffusion Combustion and Self-exhaust Gas Cycle Supercritical combustion stability at low temperatures inhibits CO production
Simple ON - OFF feature eliminates complicated control devices Simple construction with easy inspection
Fuel economy effect (Fuel saving) High-efficiency Heat Recovery and Control of the combustion by time proportional control and emission control Significant fuel savings are also realized by improved heat efficiency due to good temperature distribution. Realize a fuel savings of approximately 40-45 % compared to non-closed heat heaters burners.(In the temperature of 1100℃)
Industrial Burner

Multipurpose Burner


High-speed Burner

Control System
Configurable so that it can view and control the entire driving condition
Open structure of 2 SERVER & multiple CLIENT per group
Various variables and settings of the field control PANEL can be changed in the group control room.
The current temperature, flow rate, pressure settings and DATA such as EVENT and ALARM can be managed by the HMI in the central control room.
Externally maintain and manage systems using remote control
Instrumentation system